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When I was planning my partners trip away, I did a lot of research into places to stay. My first thought was to find a nice hostel. I’ve stayed in a few during various trips, and most of them have been quite nice (only one that I didn’t like, but I shan’t go into details there!). The only trouble with hostels though, is quite often you have to share your room with strangers. For a research trip to London for a uni project, that’s not too bad. But for a birthday special treat? Not so nice!
So I contacted the Lovely Jo Jo of Vegan in Brighton to ask her if she had any suggestions of veggie-friendly B&B’s or Hotels, and she suggested I look into a place called Paskins!


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Mystery trip to Brighton & Moshimo!

Well, I’m back from my whirlwind of a weekend away! We both had such a lovely time, and of course it went too fast, but it really was perfect 🙂
My Friday started at about 8am (on less than 6 hours sleep..) decorating and packing items to post! (I have a little art business, which I’ll tell more about another day!) I think I managed to squeeze in a morning and afternoon’s work before 10am! Our train was booked for 2.30, and a taxi to take us to the station at 1.50, so it was all a bit of a mad rush!
I’d persuaded Lee to leave work early that day, and he knew we were going somewhere.. but had no idea where! Hearing his guesses of where he thought we were heading was great fun (Cornwall and the Mumbles (South Wales) were his ideas!) Once he noticed we were on a train heading towards London, his guesses went to Glastonbury.. Camden.. and after a long bought of puzzlement (and the help of google maps) he finally got it right… Brighton! 😀
The train journey was so nice 🙂 I packed a picnic..

Picnic's are the best
Picnic’s are the best

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