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***Give away closed! Winner to be announced!***

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post! But, I’ve got something pretty amazing to make up for it… A fabulous give-away!
I was incredibly lucky enough to win a hamper of amazing goodies from the Glastonbury-based company Indigo Herbs! Due to a little mix-up, I ended up receiving my prize twice! And very generously, Indigo Herbs have agreed to let me give away the second bundle to you lovely lot! How lovely is that?
So, what does this bundle contain, I hear you asking? Well, cast your eyes on this lovely selection…

lots better

I thought it would be a nice idea to review the products here as well, so you can get a little taste of what you’d have a chance at winning!
First up – Brazil nuts!

brazil nuts

Assuming you’ve eaten brazil nuts before, there’s not an awful lot I can say about them! These are decent sized, good quality, delicious brazil nuts. For those who don’t know – Brazil nuts, although high in fat, are high in the good fat which actually helps to lower cholesterol (not all fat is bad!). They’re also high in vitamin E, selenium (just 1-2 nuts provide your entire days worth!), b-vitamins, magnesium.. The list goes on! Basically – eat lots of brazil nuts. You can have them as they are, on top of salads, in nut roasts, blend with nutritional yeast, cashews and salt for a cheesy topping, or if you simply grate a brazil nut on top of pasta – it looks like parmesan! ..albiet, it won’t taste like parmesan.. but we eat with our eyes too right? (Plus, you can just add nutritional yeast beforehand for a cheesy kick!)

Next – Chia seeds!

chia seeds

Now, the majority of the vegan world has probably heard of chia seeds by now.. but just in case you haven’t, these little beauties are nutritional powerhouses! These tiny seeds are packed withΒ B vitamins thiamine and niacin, riboflavin and folate, and are also a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc! You can simply sprinkle them onto your food (they have next to no flavour, so they can be easily added to sweet or savoury dishes!) or you can add them to smoothies, make chia pudding, add to water/juices, or grind to a powder to add to water to make chia gel – which is useful as an egg replacer in cooking! Chia seeds are also sometimes added to bread! A very useful little seed to have around.

Now, Pumpkin seed protein powder isn’t something I’ve ever come across before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I received it..


It’s actually really lovely. The flavour is just like eating pumpkin seeds, but the powder is incredibly fine and not grainy at all, which means it would be perfect to mix into smoothies, shakes, dips, etc! Surprisingly, I found the powder had an almost chocolatey flavour to it – but that might just be me (since it is just 100% pumpkin seeds!). I’ve been mixing this into my hummus, adding it to smoothies, and I think I might add some to some protein barsΒ  or brownies next!
As well as being high in protein, pumpkin seeds are also a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, as well as tryptophan and glutamate (Tryptophan is converted by the body to serotonin, and glutamate helps the body deal with anxiety and stress! A perfect excuse to tuck into pumpkin-seed brownies!)

Now , for my favourite part…

These chocolates are divine. Each one is quite small, but so intensely flavoured and rich. I can never eat a whole one in one go, so I tend to cut them into tiny pieces! That way I get to enjoy them for even longer too :D.
Each one is packed with raw ingredients and various superfoods, and has it’s own unique flavour. They’re unlike any other raw chocolate I’ve had. Very fragrant and aromatic too. The Pure Goddess is a particular favourite – as because of the rose oil, it reminds me of Turkish Delight chocolate! Yum.

The Almond butter was an unexpected favourite.
almond butter

Now, I’ve always loved almond butter. But this one is particularly gorgeous. Rich and creamy, I’m amazed I still have half a jar left.. I’ve been trying very hard not to eat it all in one go!

almond butter1

As you can see, it’s packed with goodness too!

Perfect for using in smoothies, sauces, dips, spread onto apples and crackers, in baking, or as they dangerously suggest on the jar.. just eating with a spoon. Ooft..

My favourite way to eat it at the moment is simply a teaspoon of almond butter, a drizzle of date syrup, and a few tablespoons of plain soy yogurt. Stirred together and used as a dip for a banana! Yum.

The final item in the give-away is the only non-food item, but it’s still rather lovely!

destress oil

A lovely little bottle of essential oils, blended to make a relaxing and unwinding fragrance. I was a little bit stressed out yesterday, and decided to give this a try. It may have just been the lovely smell that did it, but I felt far more relaxed!

I certainly feel spoilt rotton with this lot, and I can’t wait to share it with one of you!
For a chance to win, simply comment telling me which item you’d be most excited about trying and why! I’ll pick a lucky winner at random next weekend (on Sunday 11th October)! Sorry to anyone overseas, but this give-away is only open to UK people (due to shipping costs).

(Also – There’s a little link to all of the products on the product names. So anyone who doesn’t win who still would like to try them can pop along to the Indigo Herbs website and purchase them there!)

Oh.. and just to show that you don’t have to be super healthy with this lot.. Check out the cake I made for my brothers birthday!


Chocolate sponge, with almond butter buttercream, strawberry jam inside, chocolate ganache, caramel sauce and caramalised almonds…

Good Luck!

Pixie <3




95 thoughts on “Indigo Herbs Give-away!

  1. Alexandra Knight

    That cake looks amazing – got a recipe? I’d love to try that pumpkin seed protein – bet it’d taste amazing in a smoothie πŸ™‚

  2. fran

    the chocolates are so cute, love the simple packaging. i love raw chocolate & so itd have to be them, i bet they’d be nice dunked into the almond butter.
    that cake oh my life <3 !

  3. emnaomi

    Oh wow all those look great..especially your cake, it’s beautiful! So good of them to let you keep the extra πŸ™‚

    I think I’d be most excited to try the essential oil – goodness knows I could use some stress relief in my final year of uni! – or the chia because I’ve heard so much about them but never tried them!

  4. Kady Reilly

    This looks awesome. I’d have to say I’d most like to try the brazil nuts. I love brazil nuts and used to sit and eat chocolate ones as a treat with my granny when was wee <3 .

  5. Steph

    That cake gorgeous! I am excited to try the pumpkin seed protein powder I love pumpkin seeds and had no idea they came in powder form xox Good luck everyone xox

  6. Rachael

    Pumpkin seed powder because I got a protein bar book to make for my kids and all recipes need protein powder in which normally I wouldn’t give them. However I am fine baking with that.

  7. Lisa

    The chocolate sounds delicious! So I’d be most excited to try that. Of course there is a chance I’d try dipping it in the almond butter πŸ™‚ Love almonds but have never got around to trying almond butter. The cake looks amazing by the way, must get baking soon, yum! x

  8. Louise

    I kind of need the Chia seeds, lol, I’ve been vegan for over 6 months and haven’t tried them yet!
    My son would love the almond butter, he loves nut butters.
    And your cake looks yummy! πŸ™‚

  9. Sarah Archibald

    The almond butter, purely because I would never have thought of mixing it with a few other ingredients to make a dip. That’s genius ! I tend to have it on toast with sliced banana. xx

  10. Jayne

    What a brilliant prize thank you, and how lovely of the company to allow you to keep the extra one and pass it on.
    Your cake is just amazing, I bet it tasted divine
    After keeping changing my mind i think I’d most like to try the almond butter as I keep wanting to try some but have never seen any when I’m out. But after reading how good Brazil nuts are for you I’m thinking I need to get some of them too! x

  11. Amanda Morris

    I would be most excited to try the essential oil because I am really falling in love with oils .I think the whole prize package is awesome though, thank u for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  12. Emma

    Oh wow!!! How exciting and lucky you! I think I’m torn between the essential oil and the pumpkin seed protein powder. The oil would be a good choice because I’ve recently started to explore meditation- I’ve got my candles and my music so the essential oil would make things complete! I’m also low carb- paleo for health reasons and am always looking for new ingredients to try – and pumpkin seed protein powder is something I’ve not seen before. Even if I don’t win I’ll be heading over to the store to buy myself some – yay! Good luck everyone xx

  13. Colin Smithson

    THE CHOCOLATES!!! because finding good vegan (and raw) chocolate is still soooo difficult. Would be unnecessarily excited to try them.

  14. Korina James

    I would be most pleased to try the raw chocolate! They look divine. Although I love the whole prize package πŸ˜€ Everything looks glorious!

  15. jennie

    Hard to choose but maybe the almond butter or the essential oil. The whole lot looks totally amazing πŸ˜€

  16. Adele

    The chocolate would be my choice — my treat — I love good chocolate and this looks and sounds yummy. You have so many lovely sounding things here hard to choice really. xx

  17. Adrienne green

    Wow what a brilliant offer, I use most of these ingredients already, but have never tried the indigo raw chocolate. ..

  18. Annabel

    Oh dear only one product x Well im afraid it will be split between the Chia seeds, I put them in my smoothies and flapjacks, the almond butter because my daughter loves it and she could take it to uni with her and the raw chocolate, my secret addiction x

  19. Evelyn

    Wow! What an incredible prize! It all looks so good, but I think, just about, the thing I’m most excited by is the Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder, I’ve been trying to put weight on and have been mixing up hemp powder and brown rice powder into soup and stuff, and I LOVE pumpkin seeds. But Brazil nuts and chia seeds are some of my favourites and I get through nut butter like nobodies business, and the chocolates and essential oils are exciting too!
    That cake looks unbelievable too! Some serious baking skills you’ve got there.

  20. deborah

    What a very kind gesture.. Amazing ‘Give away’ so healthy and nutritious, thank you for sharing! After serious consideration, I would love to try the ‘Destress & Unwind’ pure essential oil blend! Why? Because I’m starting to feel the benefits of exercising and eating clean in an unhealthy world that unfortunately only we’ve created with our fast and furious lives.. I believe this would enhance my experience in destressing and possibly trying some meditation, who knows where it’ll take me! I’d love to know the ingredients too! Thanks again.

  21. vanya

    I would love to try the almond nut butter as I have never had it before and I was salivating at reading down the list of ingredients. Almond butter is bursting with yummy naturalness and delicious creamy goodness and I need that in my life πŸ™‚

  22. Joanne

    Those little chocolates look divine! Perfect as a little treat when I’m powering through 3am wake ups. I do think I’m going to have to snap up some essential oils soon though

  23. lorelei

    What a lovely selection! The chocolates look interesting but info love almond butter.that cake looks amazing, wouldn’t even know were to begin making it but I may have to have a go πŸ™‚

  24. lise

    What a wonderful giveaway – I’m currently in the middle of a juice fast and drooling over the raw chocolate and other delicious goodies πŸ™‚ I would be most excited to try the pumpkin seed protein powder. I have recently given up dairy (used to add whey protein powder to my smoothies) and have been looking for an alternative, vegan protein powder ever since. Thank you <3

  25. Alison priest

    Omg excited to try them all!! But as a frequent protein powder user I’m particularly excited about trying the pumpkin seed protein powder…..especially as I absolutely love pumpkin seeds!!!! πŸ™‚

  26. Carla

    I would love to try the pumpkin protein powder, I love to cook with whey, but have never heard or tried pumpkin protein powder, it sounds fabulous! Would be great to experiment with and see how it can liven up some of my recipies!! And the chocolates, wow – they would be perfect for a post workout carb treat!! πŸ™‚

  27. Jennie Roberts

    Very hard to choose but the essential oil mix looks great to relax and unwind at the end of a hard day πŸ™‚

  28. Gemma Bunyard

    I would definitely love to try the Almond Butter… not being much of a nut-lover, I will admit it is a bit of an effort to incorporate these things (as I know that have such food nutritional values), but you have made this one sound exceptionally nice, so who knows I may well be converted πŸ™‚

  29. Raveen

    This is so generous of you πŸ™‚
    I hope you pick meeeeeee because of 3 words that I can associate with the lot… Om nom nom!

  30. Sarah

    The pumpkin seed protein looks amaxing! I’ve heard it’s the highest in protein out of most vegan foods πŸ˜€ x

  31. Christina Hodges

    What a wonderful selection! There’s no one sole reason I can give lol because I’d love to try the almond butter as I’ve tried every other nut butter except that one, the chia seeds to make more puds, the pumkin seed powder to try in my smoothies, oil to pamper myself with & raw chocolate…..mmmmmm need I say more? πŸ˜‰ xx

  32. Melissa

    Oh cripes what a haul teehee. I’m slightly obsessed with different nut butters at the moment, I have them with literally everything but haven’t tried almond butter yet. It’s next on my list but I may well just hang fire incase I win! Alternitavely, thanks for popping the link on the blog, if I’m not lucky this time I can purchase through you anyway. Yay! X!

  33. Amanda Edmiston

    Lovely blog…I already use lots of Indigos fantastic dried herbs Maca powder is always a big hit in my house. But for some reason we’ve never tried Chia seeds so they would be the thing that would make me rush to open the packet and start experimenting


    Wow! What a prize. I look forward to trying them all and more importantly creating some fantastic recipes from the ingredients available! Good luck everyone x

  35. Danielle

    If I won I’d be most excited about that protein powder!! Protein is quite expensive so a free one would be great πŸ˜› and I love pumpkin seeds mmmmmmm

  36. Fiona Evans

    Wow. Very generous of you and Indigo Herbs. Greedy but in the words of Freddie Mercury ‘I want it all!’…. However if I had to make a choice it would be Brazil nuts! Dull but have addiction at present! If my daughter was writing it would be almond butter (ideally on dates!)

  37. Colin White

    I would love to try the protein powder. I include protein in all my meals and also have shakes before and after the gym.

    Protein pancakes is a favourite breakfast of mine and this would make scrummy pancakes too.

  38. Rebecca

    Everything looks amazing, who can resist chocolate? But as busy mama of four, including a new baby, I’d love the almond butter as a quick protein-rich snack when there’s no time to eat.

  39. Jane

    The pumpkin seed protein powder has caught my eye for sure….that is top of my list to try…but the whole bundle is fab!

  40. Annie Gregg

    Such a lovely basket …. feeling all autumnal and roast veg, I think the pumpkin seed intrigues me the most and whirrs my imagination. I’d definitely try it in my autumn loaves…. Xx

  41. Ceri brown

    I would love to try the almond butter. I use peanut butter a lot in my marathon training so a healthier alternative would be even better

  42. Wayne Richardson

    I’m really interested in trying the pumpkin seeds protein powder and checking out something totally different . I can then get my clients to switch to more organic food source which is good for them . The cake looks amazing too .

  43. Natalie

    I would be so happy to win this to try ur destress oil. Been pregnant now nearly 2 years lol ! Help πŸ™‚ one 11 month old an near 7 months pregnant πŸ™‚

  44. penny

    I would really love to try the pumpkin seed power as being a blood type o they are on my beneficial list. I was thinking to make hot chocolate with it as well as slipping in my smoothies and soup. Also I really want to try the raw chocolate mmmmm. I’m a big lover of the 90% anyway. This package looks amazing. I’m praying I will be picked ❀️ xx

  45. Adele Collier

    I’d love to try them all but especially the chia seeds, i have yet to find any organic ones for sale locally. I’m a bit addicted to them in raw overnight breakfast bowls, mixed with mashed banana, almond milk, ground flaxseed & agave syrup.

  46. Kerry Mannion

    I think they all look amazing. The new one to me is the pumpkin seed powder. We’ve just turned vegetarian after a lifetime of flirting with it and this would be a welcome addition to the kitchen while we adjust to meals where the veg are star of the show.

  47. dena

    Would love the pumpkin protein powder! I love the idea of mixing it in with hummus, yum!
    Your cake looks delicious! What a lucky brother you have πŸ™‚

  48. Natalie Allwood

    What an exceedingly lovely present and deed of you to share!!!, I’ve just seen your giveaway on facebook via a friend!. If I won I would be most excited to taste those amazing chocolates as I have a terrible (but brilliant sweet tooth lol, brilliant because it’s given me a ton of pleasure throughout my life lol), and the essential oil mix I would add to homemade body butters I’ve been making!!. May this bring much joy to whoever wins!!. Best wishes nat xx

  49. Lily

    I would adore the chance to try the pumpkin seed protein powder. I usually boost my food with hemp or pea protein but the pumpkin seeds powder soud a delicious! And what a good idea to put it in humous – never would have thought of that. Humous is my fave! I love trying new flavours and products out and think it’s good to use different things and not stick to your usually super food powders as too much of one thing isn’t good even if it is good for you. Mostly Id like to try it for its properties in calming as I suffer from depression and anxiety and that’s what made me change my diet in the first place to try and heal myself – I had no idea pumpkin seeds contained those vital minerals and vitamins. The desires and unwind essential oils would also be dreamy, and oils can sometimes be very expensive but work wonders!! What an amazing hamper, Vegan Pixie you are a very lucky girl and ou have such an awesome blog!! X

  50. Kirsty Mills

    Hi there, it all sounds fantastic but I’d love to try the almond butter, I’m a little bit of a nut nutter! πŸ™‚

  51. Sophie

    Ooh all looks lively but I’d really love to try the pumpkin seed protein powder. Have added pumpkin seed butter to things before but would love to experiment with the powder too. And those chocolates look like they need sampling! πŸ™‚

  52. Helen

    I’d love to try the pumpkin seed powder as never heard of it before and sounds like a great way to get some extra protein

  53. katie bristow

    Wow ! Lucky you winning all these fab ingredients . I think if I won I would try and combine as many as possible to create a couple of new recipes , one for my human family and one for my dog family . Good luck to everyone who has entered . Xx

  54. Katie vickery

    Ooo it all looks amazing! I would love to try the pumpkin protein powder! I love pumpkin and I really want to try it on porridge ❀

  55. Rebecca Boyle

    Wow, what a selection! Id be most excited about the almond butter, its my favourite! I mill up chia seeds and put them in my bread mix, yogurt, smoothies and even pancakes! Yummy good luck everyone

  56. Emma

    Would like to try the pumpkins seed protein powder as that’s new to me! And love all the other products and who wouldn’t get excited about trying raw chocolate called Goddess!

  57. Samantha lockwood

    Hi I really like the look of the protein powder I’ve tried others before like hemp and pea but not found one I like yet and as being new to being a vegan (4 months) I’m still trying new items

  58. Kate James

    Really like the idea of the almond butter-lots of mouthwatering recipes popping into my head-oh so wish we had smelevision.

  59. Simona

    **Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food** They all look suuuper yummy ^.^
    I would love to try the Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder as I am looking to have more proteins in my diet since I stopped eating meat and see the benefits from it.. also the Pure Essential Oil would be ideal after a busy day in work πŸ™‚

  60. Angela

    New to raw food so all the ingredients look fab but especially the pumpkin seed powder which has really got me interested……

  61. Lorretta

    Amazing give away prize and your description has my mouth watering. As a very mature student just started at uni, this box of treats would be very welcome particularly the unwind oil and the chia seeds to add to my smoothies to take on a 12 and a half hour midwifery shift. Well done to on the cake what a great sister you are xx

  62. Danielle Clancy

    Hi Pixie, I love your blog, it’s really inspiring and that cake makes me love it even more! I am new to veganism so this would really help me to stock up the cupboards with more yummies. If I was to win the competition I would be most excited about the essential oils because I play Roller Derby for Cornwall (a contact sport on roller skates) which can be pretty stressful. I would add this too my baking to help me to wind down after a game. Danielle x

  63. Lynsey Jordan

    Would love to try the sesame seed protein powder. As a Personal Trainer that is considering going Vegan this would be great for me. Love the look of it all though. Great healthy organic raw food gets me excited πŸ™‚

  64. mikaella

    my fav item is the protien powder, ive been using whey protien in my morning shakes for a year now and keen to try something healthier, ive heard pumpkin protien is amazing so would live to win the hamper to try that, all of it looks amazing to be honest , that almond butter wow πŸ™‚


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