Vegan Mofo – day who knows!

Well hello! I’m still alive over here, in case you were all starting to worry.

It’s been a bit of a blogging nightmare over here lately.. First, my blog went down (on Thursday/Friday), then I moved house on Saturday, spent Sunday cleaning the old house, and I’ve had no internet since Friday! And now we do seem to have some sort of internet (though it’s as slow as a snail in cement), my laptop has decided to join in the jolly fun and has stopped working. All that it will do is load up the background my dad set of a cute cat, and nothing else. Now don’t get me wrong, I love desktops of cute cats.. But it would be nice if my laptop would be more than just a rather pricey  picture frame..


I’m currently writing this from my phone, so apologies if the photos are huge.. I can barely figure out how to upload them, let alone resize them!

This desktop image is actually pretty apt, as this is exactly how I have been feeling for the past few days.. I seem to alternate between “Wow I have so much to sort out, this house is awesome, I love organising this!” And “I am so so tired, I could sleep ’till June, I don’t care if we never unpack anything”.

Currently writing this on my phone, which is proving very tricky! It doesn’t seem to like me uploading photos.. Which should be fun..

Whilst I try to figure it all out, here is a series of thoughts which have occurred to me since the move..

  • Spending hours on your knees (with a dodgy knee) is not a wise choice.
  • 90% of my friends would read that and make some dirty joke about it.
  • When you move out and have to clean the old house, always pack spare socks. Seriously, it’s a must.
  • You also don’t appreciate the wonderfulness of clean, dry socks until you’re forced to be without them..
  • When cleaning (or doing any job you don’t like) – good, lively music is a must.
  • When busy, you realise that although you shouldn’t, you can actually survive on just adrenaline and a banana.
  • You will thank your lucky stars you had the foresight to bake up a giant batch of insanely healthy, energy packed flapjacks.
  • Then you will realise that no matter how convenient they are, you shouldn’t try to live off of them alone (bad idea).
  • You also realise just how amazing family are. Especially when they wake up at 4am to drive all the way down to help you move (without telling you), and just when you’re waking up trying to figure out how the hell you’re going to manage, you hear a surprise knock at the door and familiar voices yelling at you to “Wake up!!”.
  • They also go out of their way to help you clean, and stop you from having a bit of a break down.  (Thank you. Thank you thank you.).
  • You will never realise how much you have wanted a pantry, until you suddenly have one. You will stop and catch yourself smiling at random moments, saying “I have a pantry!”, and smiling. This is normal.
  • Even if you’ve never cared for it before, you will crave chocolate. And eat it. And it will be so worth it.
  • Moving will make a “I always cook everything from scratch!” person, into the kind of person who will be happy to add spices to a tin of heinz mixed beans and call it dinner. Packet cous cous with cheap hummus is “fancy”.
  • When knackered, the thought of putting your bed together at 10pm will have you nearly on the verge of tears. Collapsing into said bed though will make it all worthwhile.
  • Hot showers are the best thing ever.
  • Everyone should have a picnic table in their garden. I have no words for how amazing this is.
  • After a move, a weekend relaxing with family will seem 100% lovelier than ever before. The word “perfect” will be mentioned a lot.

I think that’s all I have! Hopefully technology will be kind to me soon and actually allow me to continue with my blogging! I have several recipes to share once I get the chance! Happy MOFO all! I hope your week was slightly less stressful than mine! 🙂

Pixie x


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