Vegan MOFO – Day 4!

(I know it’s day 5 now, but my blog was down last night, so I’m posting this quickly before it goes down again!! Hopefully it will stay on long enough to get today’s post done!)

Good evening MOFO-ers, it’s another late-night post! I think I might just accept the fact that I’m a night owl of a blogger.. Oh well, it’s still a hoot!

(I’m also a very punny person.. a very bad-punny person..)

Ahem. I had intended on sharing with you all today the recipe which I made last night.. Which was going to be a cheesy omelet..

But the recipe ended up turning out a bit drier than I would have liked, and as I just tried upload the photos to share them with you all anyway, my laptop has decided to play silly buggars and won’t let me upload them here! It’s allowed some.. but not others. So tomorrow I will have to do some investigating to see what on earth’s going on!

(Edit: Turns out the problem was that the blog was actually down! Photo’s to come in future posts x)

Instead, I’ll share instead a very quick few photos of today’s light lunch!


This was some chestnut mushrooms (with their stalks removed, a little miso smeared inside, topped with some cashew cheese, and the stalks popped back in -so yummy!), along with an apple, a nectarine, some strawberries and blueberries. I’d been tasting food whilst cooking, so I only fancied something light for lunch today, and this was perfect!


Check out the size of those blueberries! Are they gorgeous or what?


Perfect <3

Well, that’s it for this quickie post! I’ve been a busy bee today emptying my craft room, and dinner was just a giant pot of pasta, with every-veg-imaginable thrown in. My only aim was for it to taste nice, and for us to have enough for tomorrow so I didn’t have to worry about cooking whilst moving stuff. It was a success! But not very picturesque! Instead, here is the only photo which wants to upload of last nights “omelete”. This as made using some of the cheese mixture and chickpea flour, and was stuffed with sauteed onion, courgette, broccoli garlic and peas, with a little more cheese. A little dry, but very tasty! Recipe to come once I’ve perfected it :).

(Sorry the photo is oh-so-ugly. Late night lighting is not my friend!)


Oh, and before I go – Today my blog reached over 10,000 views!! I can not tell you how happy that made me feel. Everytime someone views my blog, or leaves a comment, it really does light up my day. So thank you to everyone! Whether you’re just passing by, or you come back all of the time – Thank you! I’ll have to think up a suitably celebratory recipe to celebrate! Any requests? šŸ™‚

Pixie xx


(To make up for the terrible omelet photo – Here’s a gorgeous butterfly I found not long ago :). Enjoy! )



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