Vegan MOFO – Day 2

Good god, where has the day gone? I had planned on having a recipe post up today, but things have been so busy I haven’t had the chance! What with work, packing to move, tidying, cooking, and spending the evening taking our bed apart (it’s as fun as it sounds) I no longer have the time to post up a recipe, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, I will just share some foodie photos from today!


This is a quick snap of dinner last night – a quick, anything-goes-in chilli (with lentils, lots of veggies and spice), served with plain white rice and lots of greens. This was really gorgeous. I’m going to have to write down a recipe some day, as every time I make it it’s different, but always lovely!


I made a quick, refreshing drink to help get me through packing / work this afternoon. Yesterday I put two herbal teabags (strawberry & raspberry) into a jug of boiling water, let it cool, and popped it in the fridge. This afternoon I then half-filled my glass with it, added a quater-glass of apple juice and topped it up with sparkling water. Sweet, fruity and refreshing! (With lots of ice of course!). The beauty of this is, you get enough to make several drinks, it tastes like a loves fizzy fruit drink – but with none of the crap you find in shop-bought ones!


Whilst packing things in the bedroom, I came across this gorgeous fellow! He is the third red admiral we’ve found since we started packing! Where on earth have they all been hiding??


Sneak peak at the recipe I had planned on posting – Cashew cheese!


I decided to have a little experiment to see whether my amended recipe worked well once cooked, so I lightly oiled a ramekin and popped some of the glorious cheesy mixture in.


Left-over creamy-cheesy goodness…


This is the result once baked! Holy cow, look how puffy! I have so many ideas going through my head right now..


A trick of mine toΒ  cut down on the epic-oily-ness of garlic bread is to swap out a lot of the margarine for either a chickpea or cashew based spread. Since I had so much creamy cheese left, I decided to use a bit to make some gorgeous garlic bread! It’s possibly one of my partners favourite things in the world, so I knew it would go down well ^^.


I had lots of rice left over from last night chilli, so I decided to use it up in a make-it-up-as-I-go-along risotto. It had onion, carrots, peas, some broccoli and asparagus, and I used some soya milk and some of the cashew cheese to make it creamy. Once cooked, I added in a sprinkle of nutritional yeast :). Served with some salad and a bit of garlic bread (and some hot sauce..), this was great πŸ™‚


My bed for the rest of the week! At least the mattress is comfy.. The room looks so bare now! And little.. I’m amazed we fit as much stuff in there as we did!


And now, before I give in to exhuastion and hit the hay, a little late night snack – A few dried mulberries, a square of very dark chocolate, some frozen grapes, and a glass of ..fermented grapes (that makes it still good for you, honest).
Have you ever tried freezing grapes? I love them! It stops them from going off so quickly, and they taste like little tiny bites of grape sorbet! Highly addictive too..

Well, that ends my second day of Vegan MOFO! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to actually share a recipe with you all tomorrow πŸ™‚
Good night!


He looks so confused..

And here’s a quick photo of my cashews as I was soaking them last night.. Doesn’t he look so confused? I’m sorry cashew, I needed to soak you!

Oh, and we’ve already eaten 80% of the cashew cheese. No shame. It was that good.

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  1. Dawn

    You tease πŸ˜‰ That ramekin looks like it’s full of goodness.

    I love the idea of mixing the herbal tea, juice, and sparkling water. I’ve never given that a thought. I’ll be doing it now.


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