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I had a whirlwind of a trip this week! (Yes, I know that’s a cliché, but it’s about the best way I have of describing it!). I knew I was going away to Camden, London this week, but for some reason I had it in my head that I was going on Thursday! So imagine my surprise when my brother sent me a message on Sunday night, telling me that he would let me know when he gets into London on Tuesday! Oookay then, a bit sooner than I had planned! Luckily I had booked our bus trip there and back weeks ago, so all that needed doing was a quick phone call to book taxi’s to the train station, and we were good to go!
I know that eating on the go can be very tricky for vegans, and even harder if you’re trying to eat healthily and/or raw! But I’m very happy to say that I managed to quite easily! So I thought I would put together a quick post showing what I brought with me on my travels to keep me going, and some tips / suggestions on what you could bring to make your journeys that little bit easier :). I have So many other foodie things to share with you from my trip, but I’ll save them for another post :).
lemon water

My day began at 4am, after maybe 2 hours of sleep! I didn’t get to bed until midnight (too much packing and preparing to do) and I was a bit too excited about my journey to sleep properly. I started my day with a glass of lemon juice, ginger juice and water. This is a very alkalising combination, which is perfect first thing in the morning. I used to find I felt very acidy when I ate or drank anything early in the morning, but since eating mainly raw I’ve noticed that I don’t get that anymore. And I think lemon and ginger water definitely helps!
I prepared a bottle of this a few days before, so I could just grab a drink and then go (I didn’t have time to set up this photo! Lol, in too much of a rush!).
Since we had to leave at 5.15am, I knew that I wouldn’t have time to prepare anything on the morning we were leaving, so I made sure to put together some things the night before. I think that whether you’re raw, vegan, or just wanting to avoid the overly-processed expensive food of service stations and bus stops, preparing things in advance can make your life so much easier!
Not all food at service stations is bad though. We were very lucky that our bus stopped for a 10 minute break at a service station in Bristol, which happened to have a Waitrose store inside! Dried fruit, mixed nuts, bags of salad, prepared fruit, falafel wraps, vegan sushi, smoothies and juices.. oh my! Whilst these choices aren’t as cheap as making and bringing your own, they can certainly be a lifesaver on the road. So it’s always worth checking out the options! Here are some photo’s of what I brought along with us for our 4 hour bus journey :).


When we saw this fruit platter in Waitrose, we couldn’t leave it there! Melon, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, apple and grapes <3. I’m not a big melon fan, so my partner happily ate that and we shared the rest (there was more pineapple, but it got eaten before I could take the photo!). So refreshing and tasty. We ate half at the start of our journey, and finished the rest off just before we got into London.


I also picked up this gorgeous looking juice! I haven’t heard of Vegesentials before, but this is definitely something I will be keeping an eye out for!
Img_1389 Img_1386

Just check out that ingredients list! Half fruit, half veg, no watering down, and all raw! How amazing is that? So glad our bus made that unexpected stop at the services, or I would never have discovered them! I pass that services on my way to Wales quite often.. I may have to insist on a few more stops there in the future!

For those wondering about the taste, this was very delicious! Not recommended if you’re not a lover of beetroot though, as that flavour is pretty prominent! I normally can’t stomach watermelon (in the past it has given me indigestion) but I didn’t notice anything after drinking this. It was earthy, sweet, slightly tangy and very refreshing! Brightened up my morning no end!
Now, for what I brought with me :).


On Sunday, I made a batch of tomato, pepper, and mixed seed crackers. It was very difficult to leave these alone on Monday, but I knew I would be needing them for my travels! These are just gorgeous, the nicest cracker I’ve ever made! I’ll be sharing a recipe for these, without a doubt :). I also popped some of the cheese I made recently into my dehydrator, just to see what happens really! Ended up with tasty, crumbly, cheesy bites! Perfect with a cracker on the go :D.


I picked these up to bring along with me. Not a raw snack, but very delicious and good for you too! I didn’t end up eating these, but I’ve been happily munching on them all week :). These are great for taking with you. Not so much as a filling snack, but just to munch on when you fancy something savoury, or to add a bit of extra flavour to a lacklustre meal (as we often have when out travelling). Luckily though, London is so chock-full of vegan and raw friendly places I never needed them.


Perhaps one of my favourite things which I brought with me, is these dehydrated mushrooms. So simple, but so savoury and satisfying. Simply thinly slice up some mushrooms, and marinade them (or brush them) with some soy sauce (I used liquid aminos) and a touch of oil. Olive oil would work, but I used the amazing truffle oil I was sent to sample. Then dehydrate for 10 hours or until crispy. Absolutely amazing, I highly recommend you try doing this!


I also dehydrated some apple slices, which I brought with me. Along with some fresh grapes and blueberries, and some raw cookies I made last week (the last two!).
I forgot to take pictures of these, but un-pictured I also brought with me an apple, 2 nakd bars, and a trek bar for my partner.
I didn’t end up eating all of this on the journey, but it was great to have with me so I knew that if I ever got stuck, I would be fine :). (Although, that is the beauty of spending time in Camden. It’s so full of diversity and acceptance of other lifestyles, that you will never go hungry!).
On our journey home, eating was a little bit easier. I had thought ahead and bought take-away from my favourite cafe, InSpiral , so it was as easy as opening up our to-go boxes and munching away!


My partner enjoyed a vegan lasagne, with a side of potato wedges (not pictured), which he ate as we sat waiting for our bus! I tried a little bit of this, in the form of the mushrooms he picked out (he’s not a mushroom fan). That flavours were really lovely. He would have preferred it warm, but for food on the go it was better than what you’d normally get!


My meal to go was a mixed pot of salad. Four different kinds of salad, generously piled into a take-away pot. I’ll tell you more about these salads in my next post. The only one here which isn’t in the other salads I’ll be writing about was a sprouted bean salad, with seeds, tomatoes and fennel. This was very unusual, but very tasty! And of course, being a raw salad, tasted just as lovely cold!
I will just say, I simply Love how generous they are with the nori! I’m a huge seaweed fan, and this was amazing.
Whilst in InSpiral, I also bought several bags of their fantabulous kale chips, which I happily munched on on my journey home.
I also bought myself a juice from the bus station shop to bring with me. It was from concentrate, so not as nice as it could have been, but it did the job :).

And there you have it! That, along with plenty of bottles of water, is what I brought along with me for my journey :).

  • When travelling, I would highly recommend the Nakd and Trek bars (or any of their products!). They are all natural, and all vegan! The Trek bars in particular are very handy to keep in your bag, as since they are high in protein they keep you going a long time! I often find a bite of one is all I need!
  • Be prepared! Making your own snacks, crackers, dehydrated goodies, or even just a healthy sandwich the night before can save you from hunger pangs and limited food choices whilst on the go. Dehydrated snacks in particular are good, as when kept in a small airtight container will be good for weeks! If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can mimic a similar effect by using the lowest setting on your oven, and cracking the door open a little. It won’t be 100% the same, but still good :). Fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, lots of things work well! You can even add in your leftover smoothie to make your own fruit bar!
  • Obviously fresh fruit is tricky to take on the go! Small pots with lids are ideal for this, and apples are pretty hardy and useful to keep on you!
  • If you don’t have food on you, don’t fret. Just look for the best possible option. Lots of places make fruit smoothies, or sell fresh fruit and flapjacks. You can get salads at most places, or a salad wrap.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is you’re out and about, and you should be enjoying yourself! If you can’t find that nutrient-dense snack you were hoping for and have to settle for a less-than-stellar flapjack? It doesn’t matter! Just enjoy yourself and don’t fret about the little things. Sure we need to nourish ourselves, but life is about enjoying yourself and living in the moment, and feeling bad about eating something naughty doesn’t sound like enjoyment to me ;).

I’ll be writing about my adventures in Camden very soon! I’m going to be attending the UK Fruit Fest next week (so excited!) so hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot of blogging done before then. I already have so many things to tell you about!
What are your top tips whilst travelling?

Pixie x

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