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Raw and easy Fruit and nut bars!

I’ve been planning on posting up this recipe for a while now, but with one thing or another, travelling to London, and now planning for the Fruit Fest I’m going to tomorrow, it’s been a bit hectic here and it’s gotten forgotten!


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Eating healthy on the go!

I had a whirlwind of a trip this week! (Yes, I know that’s a cliché, but it’s about the best way I have of describing it!). I knew I was going away to Camden, London this week, but for some reason I had it in my head that I was going on Thursday! So imagine my surprise when my brother sent me a message on Sunday night, telling me that he would let me know when he gets into London on Tuesday! Oookay then, a bit sooner than I had planned! Luckily I had booked our bus trip there and back weeks ago, so all that needed doing was a quick phone call to book taxi’s to the train station, and we were good to go!
I know that eating on the go can be very tricky for vegans, and even harder if you’re trying to eat healthily and/or raw! But I’m very happy to say that I managed to quite easily! So I thought I would put together a quick post showing what I brought with me on my travels to keep me going, and some tips / suggestions on what you could bring to make your journeys that little bit easier :). I have So many other foodie things to share with you from my trip, but I’ll save them for another post :).
lemon water

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Abel & Cole – ABRecipe box review.

I discovered Abel & Cole last year, and I was a fan of them from my first delivery. For those of you in the UK who haven’t heard of them, Abel & Cole are a Fruit, Veg, and lots-of-other-lovely-stuff delivery service, delivering all organic (when they can) produce. They have good relationships with the suppliers of their products, and great relationships with their customers too! I’ve been away from home for most of the months this year so I haven’t been able to get many boxes from them, but recently I entered a vegetarian food photo contest of theirs, and won one of their ABRecipe boxes because of it! This coincided with our car dying on us, which was fantastic as it meant I didn’t have to worry about going shopping that week! So thank you for that! I thought I would share with you all exactly what a ABRecipe box is, so you can maybe try one for yourself!


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Amazing onion rings – Healthy and delicious! Cooked & Raw options!

I have pretty mixed feelings about onion rings. Whilst I will agree that they are tasty.. traditional onion rings, in all their battered, fried glory.. just seem pretty.. gross.
Heavily processed, lacking in nutritional value, and high in fat..
If you make them yourself they will obviously be better.. but what if you could make them healthy?
onion rings

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