Random post.

I interrupt my normal blogging of recipes, to bring you a random post about me.

I very, very rarely talk about myself on here. I’m not really sure why. But I felt the need to let you all know what’s been happening, so here you go!


In January, I had the misfortune to slip on some ice, fall, and somehow simultaneously  whack my knee on the ground whilst doing the splits…

I have no idea how this is logistically possible.. but it happened. I had the pains to prove it.
Now, my right knee has been a source of pain and inconvenience my whole life. If will ache, feel weak, and randomly go out of socket at the most annoying of moments.. And yes, it was my right knee that I hit.

Since my ice-slip, my knee has understandably been worse. I had some check-ups, I’ve been poked and prodded by more Doctors than I care to say..

And I even baffled a few, by having abnormally high knee-caps.. They actually had to check my other knee to make sure it was the same, as they were afraid I had done that damage in my fall!

Now, nearly 5 months later, I’ve finally been able to have an MRI scan to see what (if anything) I have done to it.

And hopefully I’ll finally know what can be done about it!

Now, for those who have never had an MRI, I thought I would sum it up for you..

It’s quite a surreal experience..
You’re told to lie down on what looks like a tongue, poking out of the large Donut that is the MRI machine.. the room that you’ve entered is sparse, white, and clinical.. with this monster poking it’s tongue out at you..
You’re strapped in, and someone plonks a pair of headphones on your head, playing random music, as you’re told the machine is pretty loud..
You’re inserted into the machine (with George Michael and Beautiful South serenading your ear drums) and you think.. huh, it’s not actually that loud. All I can hear is like a base-line.. which makes it sound like George Michael has made a dance re-mix.. I could get used to – And this is when the machine comes on. My god, that noise. Suddenly the singing in your ears becomes a whisper. I think I might go deaf. How do I turn up the music??
Okay, I’m not allowed to move… don’t move.. don’t move… all I want to do if wiggle my foot.. Why do I want do wiggle my foot? I have never felt the need to do that, ever.. yet now that’s all I can think about doing… do not wiggle.. do not wiggle..
How can I distract myself? Okay.. let’s count the dots on the ceiling.. that should keep me busy.. .. … …
I’ve counted up to 300.. and I’m only halfway through one tile.. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea..
OH! The noise has stopped! Is that it? Is it nearly over?
No.. it’s not over.. the noise is back. This noise – no noise sequence will repeat at least 4 times.. Thank god the music is not Justin Beiber.. Or there is not way I could have stayed still..
What colour are the insides of my eyelids? Pink? Blue? Red? Can I even see the colour? Is it all in my mind? I think I can see veins.. or is that my imagination?
Crap. A voice just came into my headphones telling me that that scan came out blurry, so I need to keep still. I must have fallen asleep. Do not fall asleep.. must not sleep..
I know, I’ll mime along to the songs. That will keep me awake. I like this song.. Crap.. I’ve been told to stay still again.. I must have been moving more to the music than I thought..
Let’s think about all of the recipes I need to make.. right, okay.. now what? What work do I have? How are the animals doing? How long has this been? I think I’ve been here a week… Do not sleep… Do not..
Woah, I’m moving! What’s going on? What did I do? Did I push the panic button by mistake?
..oh, thank god. It’s over. I survived. I feel the need to do something, Anything. Anything but sit still..
I don’t think I’m ever going to wait to sit still and do nothing ever again…
And that is an MRI. I hope I never have to have one again.. next time, I think I’ll drink a gallon of coffee.. and bring my own music..

Hopefully, I should get my results in 10 days time. I shall let you know how it goes!

I’ve got some interesting recipes up my sleeves, so I should have some new things to share with you soon!

I want to end this post on a positive. Even when things happen that might get you down, there are always positives to life. I’ve been worried about what may happen with my knee.. And this week, I was lucky enough to win a raw-food “cook” book from the wonderful InSpiral! It completely made my week. I should hopefully be able to review this book soon, and let you know how I get on :).

Even if I hadn’t won this though, there is always something positive to focus on. Life is wonderful , and I hope you never forget it <3.

Enjoy life! Take care 🙂

Pixie x


Question -:

Have you ever had an MRI? How was it for you?


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