Quick Fruity Salsa

I love Mexican food. The freshness, the zing, the spice. You just can’t beat it. Which is why I was a little annoyed when I realised that today was Cinco de Mayo, and I didn’t have a recipe prepared to share with you all! Oops! So here is a very quick, simple recipe for a zingy, fruity salsa!



It’s hard to call this a recipe. It’s basically just chopping up a load of veg, to dip other veg in! But it’s insanely good, and makes for a lovely light meal, snack, or dippy thing of yumminess. (To use the scientific term)..

salsa veg

The main staples of this salsa are tomato, avocado, and peach. The rest is just whatever veg I had to hand, so feel free to substitute in other things! You can’t taste the mushrooom, it just adds a bit of extra goodness. But if you really don’t like them, you can feel free to either omit it, or swap it with something else. More pepper perhaps!

With the addition of mushroom, seeds, and avocado, this is a little more substantial than a traditional salsa, and packs a nutritional punch! I ate this as a meal, using lettuce leaves as wraps, and added extra salad leaves to make a gorgeous zesty taco!

It’s also amazing just eaten with crudité.

Give it a try and see what you think :). This recipe made enough for one sitting, so feel free to double or triple it if you want more.

(It’s also very garlicky! So add a little, and add bit by bit if you’re not a garlic nut like me!)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Simple Fruity Salsa

By Pixie Produce Published: May 5, 2014

    I love Mexican food. The freshness, the zing, the spice. You just can't beat it. Which is why I was a little annoyed when I realised …



    1. This is almost too easy to warrant instructions, but I'm going to give them to you anyway!. The most important step really, is to finely chop your garlic! It's going to be raw, so you're going to want to chop it finely so you don't end up with a huge chunk in one go! The best way to do it I find, is to first finely chop your garlic, then sprinkle on a small amount of salt. Then, using the side of your knife, press and smoosh the garlic as much as you can, until it resembles a paste. No big chunks of garlic in your food, and helps spread the flavour everywhere! Pop the garlic paste in the bowl you're going to be putting your salsa in. Finely chop your basil and add to the bowl too.
    2. That is the hardest part of this recipe (told you it was easy!). Next, chop up Everything else (apart from the hot sauce of course. And the salt, pepper, sunflower seeds and lemon juice!). Pop it all in your bowl, add your sunflower seeds, and season with the remaining ingredients. I personally love a spicy salsa, so I will always add lots of hot sauce and chilli powder to mine!
    3. And that's it! You can add things like celery and radish for extra crunch, leave out the mushroom and seeds for a more traditional salsa feel, or add more avocado to make for a creamier, almost guacamole-like dip. The peach makes it I think so try to add it if you can! (Nectarine also works well). Give it a go and see what you think!

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