Raw Chocolate Co!

I had planned on a very different post for you all today, but that was before I noticed 2 very interesting packages waiting for me….

raw chocolate

I never normally win anything, so I was absolutely over the moon to be lucky enough to win not one, but TWO Raw Chocolate Co contests!!!

A few weeks ago, I submitted my name for a chance to be chosen to become a taste tester for one of their new products, Vanoffe-Chocolate covered mulberries! Sadly, the first batch got lost in the post, but they very kindly sent me out some more! I haven’t opened them yet, as I’m going to try to get as many people as possible to try them to get lots of opinions! Raw chocolate tasting party… now there’s an idea!

close up

The second contest they had was a chance to win one of their Raw Chocolate Co t-shirts! To enter, you had to say where you would wear your lovely new T-shirt, which I said I would wear at the Raw Fruit Festival I’m volunteering at in June!

(Yes, that’s right, I’m going to be volunteering at a completely Raw Festival, Fruitfest UK next month! 6 days of rawsomeness, I can’t wait!)

Anyway, they must have liked what I said, because I was one of only 2 people chosen to win a shirt!


They also very kindly included a bar of their gorgeous Vanoffe raw chocolate with the t-shirt too!

The Raw Chocolate Co not only make some of the nicest chocolate I’ve had the pleasure of eating (raw or not!), but they are also a wonderful company too. Their products are fairtrade, organic, vegan, and raw (and very tasty too).

I’m very excited to wear the shirt to the raw fruit festival! So excited in fact.. that I couldn’t wait that long, and I’m wearing it today too!


Keep an eye out for a raw mulberry review post! (I’ll review the Vanoffe bar at the same time too. I’ve had lots before, but never reviewed one, so I shall have to let you all know how lovely they are.)

The Vanoffe mulberries aren’t on the website for sale yet (they should be available around September), but if you want to buy some raw chocolate goodies for yourself, you can do so here.

I’m off to show off my new shirt! 😀

I’ve got a lovely recipe post planned, so keep an eye out 🙂

Pixie x

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