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Smile and be happy! – 100% seed crunchies

I have been very, very lucky lately.

I’ve had 3 instructables that I posted chosen to be featured on their front page, and 1 even became a “popular” post. (Still very happy!)

I was chosen to taste test some raw chocolates for The Raw Chocolate company, and I won one of their t-shirts (and a bar of chocolate!)

I won a fantastic cookbook from InSpiral, (which I love) – I even followed a recipe from it, which I never do! (I’ll review it soon!)

I won a shopping bag from Real Foods, and I think they’re even letting me review one of their products (excited!)

I won (again!) when I entered my fig pizza into a vegetarian meal contest, and won a free veg box from the fantastic Abel & Cole!

I’ve had so much amazing feedback from the recipes I’ve entered into the Raw Food contest on Instrucatables. (Still waiting on the results, but very exciting!)

I’m also VERY excited about volunteering at the raw Fruit fest in just a few weeks!! Really can not wait!

And it was my lovely partners birthday last week, and I got to spend the bank holiday weekend with him, his daughter and my family <3.

I’m a very lucky person!

This is the birthday card I drew for him – He’s my Sunshine, I’m his Rainbow, and his little one is our Silver lining. I know, I know.. Awww……!

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What I’ve Made! A WIM-sicle post!

Hello lovelies! I’ve been meaning to do this post for days now, but many things have gotten in the way! First I had no internet connection for a few evenings in a row.. then yesterday our car broke down, and getting home took 4 hours longer than I’d planned! But we’re all fine (though I can’t say the same about the car..)

I don’t always get time to post a recipe for every single thing I make, but I thought it might be interesting to share with you all what I’ve been making lately! I think I’ll make this into a regular thing. So keep an eye out for future WIM posts!
Now, on to my makes!


Tonight’s dinner! Spiralised raw stir-fry! Spiralised carrots, sugarsnap peas and bok choi, in a coconut oil, soy sauce, garlic and black pepper dressing with sprouted beans and seeds. So nice!

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Quick Fruity Salsa

I love Mexican food. The freshness, the zing, the spice. You just can’t beat it. Which is why I was a little annoyed when I realised that today was Cinco de Mayo, and I didn’t have a recipe prepared to share with you all! Oops! So here is a very quick, simple recipe for a zingy, fruity salsa!


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