Rawmus! Raw hummus recipe!

Just a quick post for you all today! The other day, I fancied something a little more interesting to add to my salad than just veg..

Up until now, the main thing I’ve been eating which isn’t raw is hummus. There is just something so addictive about the simple blend of beans, garlic, lemon and tahini.. so much so, that I never thought anything could take it’s place.

Then, something came over me, and I decided to attempt a raw version at last..

And the results were fantastic!


(If you want to skip straight to the recipe, click Here!)

I’ve had some people, when I mentioned I was still addicted to beans, suggest sprouting them instead. Now I know bean sprouts are incredibly good for you, but they will never compare to the rich, creamy texture of cooked beans! And the taste would never work in hummus.. so I decided to get creative! (I doubt I’d ever give up beans! Almost raw is better than nothing I suppose!)
The recipe I came up with uses all of the same components at “traditional” hummus, but replaces the chickpeas with an unlikely contender – courgette!

The neutral flavour of the courgette lets all of the other ingredients shine through wonderfuly. It’s naturally a little different to your traditional hummus, but is still delicious nonetheless! And it made my courgette-hating partner eat courgettes (and love them!) which is something I never thought I’d see!

The use of courgette also makes this lower in calories and fat than “traditional” hummus, as well as being a good source of potassium, iron and manganese. vitamin A, as well as lots of other lovelies! (thank you courgette!).

Give it a go and let me know what you think. The flavour is even better after a few hours, and it should last a few days in the refrigerator .. but I’ve never had any left for long enough to find out!


Pixie x




By Pixie Produce Published: April 24, 2014

    Raw courgette-based hummus



    1. This is so simple, it's barely a recipe! If you want your hummus to be pale, simply peel your courgette first, then chop into small chunks. (If you don't mind if being green, don't bother peeling it. I never do! I only did it this time for the photos!)
    2. Add all of your ingredients to your blender or food processor, and blitz until well combined. Taste, and more tahini/garlic/lemon/salt, or any other ingredient as necessary! Everyone has different hummus-tastes, so adjust your recipe to suit your own! The last 3 ingredients aren't essential, but I think they add an extra "oomph" to the recipe! Garnish with an extra drizzle of olive oil, if desired.
    3. As an additional extra, you can also add a few tablespoons of finely chopped fresh herbs to your recipe. The photo of the slightly green-flecked hummus had 2 tbs of freshly chopped parsley added! But don't stop there! Add chilli, basil, cumin, paprika.. whatever combination comes to mind! Give it a try! I'm sure you'll love it as much as we do!

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