Garlic Swirl Bread

Bread making is a magical process. You start off with these powdery, every-day ingredients; flour, sugar, salt, water. All run of the (flour) mill (sorry) and very mundane. Then you add in that last mystical ingredient, Yeast. And then everything just comes to life. That limp, lifeless doughy lump you began with suddenly errupts into a fantastic yeasty monster, ready to be tamed, kneaded and baked into crusty perfection.

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Can you tell I’ve become slightly addicted?bread

I’ve never really made my own bread before. Pizza bases? Sure. Naan bread? Yep! Crackers? Easy! But bread? Not so much. My dad made bread on a few occasions that I can remember, dropping the ingredients mysteriously into the bread machine, where all you had to do was sit and wait whilst is mixed, kneaded, knocked back and baked the dough, all whilst you went about your business. You could sneak a peak if you liked through the window as it did it’s thing, but you never had to get your hands doughy! Home-made bread with minimum effort.

This past week though, I’ve found that I actually like getting my hands doughy.. And kneading the dough is a fantastic way to get any stress you may have out!

Plus, the yeasty aroma as the bread rises, followed by the irresistible scent of it baking have to be some of the nicest smells you can fill your house with. And guaranteed to make you hungry (even if you’ve only just eaten lunch and so shouldn’t be tempted to sample a slice hot from the oven…)


This bread was baked out of necessity. Now, I don’t mean that we’d run out of bread, oh no. Something far more dire.

We had very bad colds.

Now I know that no-one actually enjoys being ill, but I adamantly detest it. I try to convince myself for as long as possible that I’m not sick, but sometimes that just won’t work. And so then I throw myself completely and utterly into eating myself better. Lots of fresh fruit and veg, drinks of hot lemon and ginger, mugs of soup loaded with onions, garlic and tonnes of vegetables. And of course, epically strong, kill-all-vampires-in-a-10-mile-radius, garlic bread.
I’ve posted about garlic bread before, but this time I wanted to make garlic bread which was even Stronger.
Like garlic bread made with bread that already had garlic baked into it…
It’s fantastic.


Now, the first time I baked this I hardly kneaded it, and mixed the garlic straight into the dough. I then sliced it like you normally do with garlic bread and used the garlic “butter” from my other garlic bread recipe. This style worked really well for a generic loaf, and for garlic bread. But for something a little different, (which you could serve an accompaniment to soup, pasta, or on it’s own) I decided to make a garlic-swirled bread. It’s a little like a savoury bread Roly-Poly (think swiss roll), and it does even hold itself together for slicing and toasting in the toaster – it’s pretty amazing for breakfast.
Also – The second time I made it, I kneaded the heck out of it, and it definitely makes a difference! So much lighter, and with a better rise. So don’t skimp on the kneading! Focus all of you stress into that dough! And visualise the amazingness of what the bread will be like once you’ve finished..

So worth it.


This recipe makes 2 loaves, perfect to keep one and give one to a friend 🙂

Garlic Swirl Bread

By Pixie Produce Published: October 8, 2013

  • Yield: 2 Loaves

Gorgeous recipe for 2 loaves of garlic swirl bread.



  1. In a big bowl, measure out your flours, and add in your salt, sugar, 2 tbs of olive oil, yeast and warm water, and mix together until it forms a dough. It shouldn't feel too wet or too dry. Feel free to use a spoon to mix this, but I love to use my hands!
  2. Leave your dough, covered with a clean cloth, in a warm place for about an hour. It should double in size. After an hour, tip it out onto a clean, floured counter and knead for at least 10 minutes. Kneading is basically hitting, pushing and folding the dough. I hear youtube has videos on how to do it if you're a bit perplexed! I kneaded mine for around 15 minutes. It's kneaded once it feels smooth and has lost it's stickiness.
  3. Once kneaded, split the dough in half.
  4. Take one ball of dough and roll it out into a rough-rectangle. It doesn't have to be perfect!
  5. Finely dice your garlic, chopped as finely as you can. By all means, use a garlic crusher, but I killed mine so chopping it with a knife it is! Add in your pinch of salt, and then dice it a little bit more. You can use the back of the knife to smoosh it into a paste too.
  6. Pop your garlic into a little bowl, and mix in your olive oil. It will go all cool and thick, it looks almost like garlic butter! (Note - If you're not a fan of strong garlic, you could try using less cloves, or even try roasting the garlic first. I may have to try it roasted some day too..)
  7. Add about 2 tablespoons of the garlic mixture onto the dough, and spread it out a bit.
  8. Then gently roll it up. Don't push down too hard as you're rolling as you'll end up pushing the garlic out!
  9. Then roll over the edges to seal the lovely garlic yumminess inside.
  10. Flip the dough over to hide the seals, and slash the top of the dough a few times. Place onto a greased baking tray, and leave in a warm place to rise again for half an hour.
  11. Bake the bread at 200ºC for about 40 minutes, or until the bread is golden and sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom (I read that if you take the temperature of the inside of the bread, if it reads 180° it should be done, but I've never tried this!)
  12. Let the bread cool for about 10 minutes, and then you have to try a slice warm.. There is nothing better than hot, fresh home-baked bread straight from the oven! Eat, share and enjoy! <3

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