Icecream & Phummus

This may be an alien notion to some, but I’m actually not the biggest fan of ice cream. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do like the stuff. But I generally find it’s a bit too rich for me. One or two bites and I’m done! Now sorbet on the other hand, I rather love.
Light, fruity and refreshing, what’s not to like? My favourite simple-sorbet is simply freeze raspberries and sliced peaches, and then blend them together.

Simple, sweet, and good for you too!
On my recent trip to Brighton, when I asked around for places I had to visit, one place which popped up was Boho Gelato, where we were told we could get some really nice vegan sorbets…

The wonderful Boho Gelato
The wonderful Boho Gelato (excuse my partner’s elbow!)

(Just want to see the recipe? Click here!)

Despite the fact that we were both still pretty full from breakfast, we just had to pop in to see what all of the fuss was about 😉 Thinking that we would maybe have one scoop each…

So much choice!
So much choice!

That was, at least, until we saw the vast selection of vegan options! Let’s just take a moment to take all of this in… 7 amazing, unique vegan options! At Boho Gelato, they call their vegan options “sorbets”, but honestly they taste creamy enough to be classed as an ice cream. From left to right, we have:
Raspberry & Elderflower, Kiwi, Berry, Chocolate Raspberry, “Fareshare” (Peanut Butter & Grape),  Crème Caramel, and Pistachio.
All of our plans of simply having one scoop flew out of the window!

5 scoops in total!
5 scoops in total!

I went for a scoop of Berry and Crème Caramel, and Lee chose Fareshare, Kiwi and Pistachio.
The wonderful thing about visiting places like this with someone else, is that you then get the chance to try their flavours too!
I can honestly say that these are the nicest sorbets, or ice-creams, that I have ever tasted. Everything was bursting with flavour. I’m not normally a fan of peanut butter, but I think Fareshare may very well have been one of my favourites! And the best part is, the Fareshare option is made with ingredients which would otherwise go to waste, and a portion of the price of it goes to charity 🙂 It doesn’t get much better than this!

Fareshare and Hazelnut Coffee
Fareshare and Hazelnut Coffee

I loved it so much, that I went back the next day! Lee was too stuffed, but I made sure to save a little bit of room. They even let me have a half-scoop of two different flavours! Fareshare, and Hazelnut coffee. Every bit as delicious as the others! If you are ever in Brighton, I’m joining the fanfare of others saying – You must try Boho Gelato! And they do a loyalty card too 😉 Even more reason to go back!

After many hours wandering around the many shops and market stalls of Brighton, we figured it was probably time we stopped for lunch. We weren’t amazingly hungry, but I’d booked a dinner reservation for 7.30, so we knew we needed something to keep us going until then, so we thought we’d try out a nice little falafel restaurant, Fil-fil

Photo from Fil-fil website:
Photo from Fil-fil website:

I didn’t get any photos of the falafel bar, as it completely slipped my  mind! But it was a lovely place, with lots of vegan toppings 🙂 Whilst we were deciding what to get, the gentleman serving us gave us a free, freshly cooked falafel to try. One word – Amazing.

A well-stuffed Pita!
A well-stuffed Pita!

Since we weren’t that hungry, we decided to split a pita, which they were more than happy for us to do. We were served our pita on a bowl with plastic cutlery, and without our needing to ask, the lovely gentleman behind the counter swapped it for two plates, and a proper knife to cut it in half. Very friendly staff!
The only part I wasn’t a fan of, was the excess use of cucumbers! But then, I know they’re rather popular in Eastern cuisine, so it’s hard to escape them! Lee happily ate them though!
Aside from the sneaky cucumbers, I really enjoyed it. The falafel here is great, and I loved the tahini sauce! The only trouble is, the chilli sauce hid at the bottom! It would have been good to have more throughout, but we both enjoyed it.

I’ve been thinking about falafel since I got back. I’ve got a few ideas for some rather funky flavoured falafel, which I need to work on. But I knew I couldn’t wait until I had time to experiment to enjoy some falafel! It’s kind of a tradition in my house. Special occasions, or even just as “Hey, it’s a Saturday!” are marked with a falafel feast! Couscous, veggies, salsas, hummus, salad and of course, falafel. Served with wraps as a build-your-own-dinner. You can’t go wrong, as everyone gets a chance to make something they will love.
I thought that this would be a great time to make another batch of Phummus!
I posted about Phummus a few weeks ago, where I made a spring-themed dip made using mainly peas! Whilst it was wonderful, I began to wonder how would it taste if I made it exactly like you would make hummus, but simply swap the chickpeas, for peas? Would it work?

Love the colour!
Love the colour!

Oh my, Does it!
I was amazed at how good this was! It has all of the flavours of hummus, but with a light sweetness from the peas. And an amazingly bright green colour too! Great for brightening up any meal 🙂


Lee isn’t the biggest fan of peas, and even he loved this! The entire batch was gone by the end of the night!

I ended up making an even bigger batch the very next day, and made a dinner of home-made baked tortilla chips, potato wedges, roast broccoli and various vegetable crudités, and had a happy evening of dipping everything in Phummus..

I then proceeded to have it on toast for breakfast.

I think I may have a new obsession…

And for those interested in that kind of thing, peas have less calories, less carbs, half the fat and more protein than chickpeas! And are a good source of Potassium and vitamin C 😀
As if this dip wasn’t amazing enough?
So try it! And let me know what you think 🙂

Classic Phummus

By Pixie Produce Published: June 18, 2013

  • Cook: 10 mins

Pea-based hummus



  1. First, defrost your peas! You could just pop them in a covered bowl and allow to defrost that way (which would probably take a few hours). But if you want it done quickly, either cover them with hot water, simmer in a saucepan until defrosted, or microwave with a little water until defrosted. Drain (keeping the water to use in the recipe) and let cool a little.
  2. Add everything to a blender (I used the small cup of my Magic Bullet) and blitz! You may need to double the recipe if using a larger blender, or you could make it in a jug, using a hand blender. (Though is will be a bit chunkier this way, but still wonderful!) Blend until smooth. Add a little more water if you need to, then taste. You may need to add more lemon, tahini, garlic, salt or pepper. Just adjust it until it tastes right to you!
  3. The lemon zest is optional, but adds a wonderful zing! The first time I made it was without zest, and the second time with. Both are wonderful, but the zesty one is definitely "brighter" in flavour. See which you prefer!

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