Mystery trip to Brighton & Moshimo!

Well, I’m back from my whirlwind of a weekend away! We both had such a lovely time, and of course it went too fast, but it really was perfect 🙂
My Friday started at about 8am (on less than 6 hours sleep..) decorating and packing items to post! (I have a little art business, which I’ll tell more about another day!) I think I managed to squeeze in a morning and afternoon’s work before 10am! Our train was booked for 2.30, and a taxi to take us to the station at 1.50, so it was all a bit of a mad rush!
I’d persuaded Lee to leave work early that day, and he knew we were going somewhere.. but had no idea where! Hearing his guesses of where he thought we were heading was great fun (Cornwall and the Mumbles (South Wales) were his ideas!) Once he noticed we were on a train heading towards London, his guesses went to Glastonbury.. Camden.. and after a long bought of puzzlement (and the help of google maps) he finally got it right… Brighton! 😀
The train journey was so nice 🙂 I packed a picnic..

Picnic's are the best
Picnic’s are the best

Olive bread, carrot sticks, sun-dried tomato hummus, a box of salad, and extremely herby rice salad (need to tweak the recipe, but I’ll try to post it soon 🙂 ) I also packed breadsticks, dried fruits, blueberries, and non-alcoholic Strawberry daiquiris 🙂 I may have packed too much.. but it definitely made the train ride go faster!
We then spent hours on end playing card games 🙂 It made such a nice change to just sit and play cards (and not have to work!)

You have arrived at your destination..
You have arrived at your destination..

After 3 hours on the train, and 2 agonising hours navigating the ridiculously busy London underground (and the fact that the website I booked the journey on thought it would be a good idea to book the tube’s and trains to leave, at the same time as the others arrived, despite the fact that the stations are at least 10 minutes walk away…but I won’t rant about that..)

We arrived at the wonderful Brighton!

We stayed at a lovely B&B called Paskins 🙂 As soon as we pulled up in our Taxi, a lovely lady popped out of the door to great us. Everyone there seemed so lovely. I’ll review it in more detail tomorrow 🙂 For now, on to our evening meal!
We had toyed with the idea of getting pizza, but in the end decided to try out Moshimo, which wasn’t too far away. I’m so glad we did!

My partners' meal
My partners’ meal

My partner got the Vegan kamo duck teriyaki. On the website they describe it as:

Morsels of Redwood vegan duck in our much-loved homemade teriyaki sauce. Served with mixed baby salad and sweet potato

Normally, dishes that involve mock-meats come with only a few pieces of it.. but this was a mountain!  I tried a tiny bite of the vegan duck, and the flavours were really nice! I’m not a huge fan of “fake” meats, but the flavours of the sauce were lovely. It also came with a serving of salad, peppers, some green-stringy-veg that we had no idea what it was, but was lovely, and a side of brown rice. Everything was nice, and Lee certainly enjoyed it! The only thing I will say is, we honestly thought that the green stuff must have been sweet potato noodles, as we couldn’t see evidence of sweet potato anywhere else – Until the end of the meal, when Lee found one chunk of it under everything. Still, the meal was lovely 🙂

Oshinko hosomaki
Oshinko hosomaki

This was kind of like a “starter” to my meal. I will admit, I ordered it purely because it was vegan, and I had no idea what it was! This was a japanese pickle sushi, which was rather nice 🙂 Sweet, slightly tangy, and of course with the normal flavours you expect from sushi rice and nori. Lee doesn’t like seaweed, so you can see one at the back where he poked out the pickled part to try!


My main meal was a dish called “Faroes”, described on the website as;

Mushroom teriyaki, natto & spring onion gunkan; tofu teriyaki nigiri;
vegetarian, inari, 2 ume plum & cucumber and 2 tofu, mizuna, sun dried tomato, red onion & cucumber maki

As you can see, I had already taken a bite of my Inari before I remembered to take a photo! The inari was really good! (it’s like a pouch, made from tofu-skin, filled with rice and veggies) and it tastes kind of like a slightly-sweet pancake. Yum! All of the sushi pieces were really nice. Each had a different component to make it unique,  and although you can’t quite see it, it was served with a large bloom of piped-wasabi (the green thing poking up on the top left of the photo) and pickled ginger. There was also a small tub of wasabi on the table, and a large tub of ginger, and soy sauce, which you could help yourself to. I’m a huge pickled ginger fan, so this was great! (I did stop myself from eating the whole tub, thankfully 😛 )

I did end up poking the cucumber out of these (I like it, it doesn’t like me) which Lee kindly ate!


This is the first meal I’ve had in a long time that hasn’t involved salad! And my little appetite couldn’t handle all of that rice! The waiters must have been thinking “wth have they done to their sushi??” when they took this back!
Oh, and one warning…

look at those strands..
look at those strands..

Beware the Natto! For the uninitiated, natto is made from fermented soy beans. But don’t go thinking that this is going to taste like Miso. Oh no. It’s got a much stranger flavour than that! Neither me, nor Lee, could bring ourselves to eat it! And it was seriously the stringiest thing I have ever encountered.. even after wiping my chopstick on my napkin, it was still there. So be warned! When we first saw it, we thought maybe it was peanut butter? Do not make that mistake!
(I’m sure there are those who love this stuff. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them!)

Sake Sunrise

The meal was rounded off with a Sake Sunrise “Tequila, sake, lychee juice with a dash of grenadine. Topped with soda” – So nice. The flavours were very refreshing (And I’m not a big tequila fan either) and the pineapple wedge was just perfect to end the meal on 🙂


We also got a trio of Mochi to go, with the intention of trying them later that night, or the next day. Unfortunately, our weekend was so busy, and so full of trying to try everything vegan,  that we never got the chance! So maybe next time 🙂 They certainly are pretty though, aren’t they?
I’d definitely go back to Moshimo 🙂 The staff were lovely, very friendly! The food was great, and I definitely felt we got our moneys’ worth. Though maybe next time, I’ll order something with more veggies 😉

We ended the evening with a late-night walk on the pier, played some silly games, and walked along the beach by the lights of the pier. What a perfect first night!
Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing the place we stayed, and showing a little more of Brighton 🙂 Good night! <3

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