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Parmesan Crusted Potato Wedges

Hello lovelies! Well as promised, today I’m going to show you a super easy recipe! This is just one of the many uses of Pixie Parmesan, but it’s definitely a good one! 😀

Crispy Parmesan-Crusted Chips!
Crispy Parmesan-Crusted Chips!

Now, people who know me might be a little surprised that the first recipe I post, is Cheese-coated Chips! And if you’re a healthy eater, don’t panic. These chips aren’t oily, or unhealthy – But they certainly don’t taste like health-food! Continue reading

One step closer..!

Hello lovelies! Well today was an interesting day! My food Health & Hygiene course!
My day started before 7, at silly o’clock, so that I’d have enough time to fit everything in, like feeding the rabbits, before I had to be off!

(I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to get up earlier than I need to in the morning, so that I have time to sit down, have a few cups of coffee, instead of having to wake up and bolt out of the door!)

I had planned on walking the 2 or so miles to the safety course (which could mean leaving ridiculously early!)  but my lovely partner agreed to give me a lift in instead! This of course meant me being dropped off 45 minutes early for the course… but it was a lovely day, so I think sitting on a bench in the sunshine reading a book counts as a rather good start to the day!

(Though typically, I didn’t take my camera, so no photos of the wonderfully scenic building and grounds!)

Nut-based parmesan cheese ..
Nut-based parmesan cheese ..

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Hello World!

Hello! And welcome to the blog of Pixie Produce 🙂 For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about cooking (and baking, and just about any type of meddling in the kitchen..), and I’m equally passionate about creating healthy, vegan, and above all, tasty foods! So it seemed like a good idea to share my loves with other people, and hopefully inspire others to try my creations.
I’m currently in the process of setting up a little vegan foodie business, and so this blog will be where I share my creations, recipes, and post about my journey setting up Pixie Produce!
A big thank you to anyone reading this 🙂 (and to my family and friends for the wonderful support!)
Wish me luck!
Pixie ♥ x

(I couldn’t leave you all without a little snapshot of things to come..)

Yummy cashew cheese! ♥
Yummy cashew cheese! ♥